Thanksgiving Dinner at Zach and Megans.

Lots of good food. Thanks to Zach and Megan for making such a great meal on Thanksgiving. This was Thanks giving 2023. This was up in Johnson City Tn. 

Ice Skating in Bristol Tn.

Friday night November 24th 2023. A fun night ice skating at an ice skating rink put up at Bristol motor speedway. This was Evies very first time ice skating. Zach had done this a few times before and is getting pretty good. Aaron started out a novice but got way better within an hour.



Apple Piesssss


Evie and Jeff

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Evie and Jeff

A fun day at the creek. 

Evie and Jeff

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This is a pine tree

This is a pine tree

Pine tree

Pine tree

I cut this down yesterday because the top blew off in a storm. I need a sawmill to cut it up before it rots.



Working on farm house

Wendy and Evie

Wendy and Evie at The Humble Peacock. 

Hibachi Grill in Johnson City

This was a good day with every body all together  having some good Chinese food. The cook at our table was pretty entertaining. This was up in Johnson City Tennessee.

Murder Mystery Dinner at Corey and Britneys


Great food! Great acting! Great time with Joe and Brandi Carlos, Zachary and Megan, Evie and Aaron and Wendy and me.  

Murder Mystery Dinner


This was another murder mystery dinner for the Arthur's. This time was up in Johnson City with Zach and Megan. Corey and Brittney was there and Wendy,Evie and Ken was there also. The food was fantastic! The acting was so good. Can't wait to do the next one.

Fun in Pigeon Forge

This was a little getaway we all took to Pigeon Forge. If ya wanna spend money, go to Pigeon Forge. One place Wendy loves to eat at is Paula Dean's Restaurant. Most of the time we spent on "The Island"

Progress on the Farm House

This house has come a long way. I try to photograph each bit of progress that is made as we go along. This house is over 100 years old. 

Murder Mystery at Corey and Britney 's

Murder Mystery Dinner at Corey and Brittany's house. There Joe and Brandy Carlos, Zachary and Brittany, Kenneth and Wendy and Aaron and Evie. 

Lovin Cup Coffe Shop in Morristown Tn.

This used to be our favorite coffee shop. Wished that had stayed in business.

Murder Mystery at Zach and Megans

This was one of our fun days up at Zach and Megans house in Johnson City Tn.


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